I am going to share with your team how an inner-city kid growing up in a very blue-collar home was able to break into an industry famous for it's "good ole' boy clubs" and country club connections and have a successful career of 4 decades with achievements that include...

  • Starting a branch office for a $2B regional bank in a bedroom community with a long-term national bank competitor and successfully becoming the #1 market share in just 3 years
  • Followed by opening a de novo bank in a community with 20 financial institutions yet we became #1 market share (deposit footings) and grew an $8.00 per share investment to $56.00 per share and $1B in assets when sold 17 years later
  • From there, it was transitioning a $230M stagnate bank to a $1.0B community bank with the reputation as "the place you need to go" for banking services and, more importantly, solutions. This was accomplished in less than 9 years.

I have developed a program based on the fundamentals and principals that I used with each of the above success stories. I share insights and first-hand examples of how challenge is turned to opportunity and how preparation creates good fortune. I call it SWAGGER - which is an acronym for the key principals and it is what your team will have when they utilize them.

After all, community bankers with SWAGGER are always looking at the next opportunity while average bankers are always looking at community bankers with SWAGGER!